Your guide to macadamia oil

A natural oil that can work wonders on the skin and hair? Find out what makes macadamia oil so unique and how you could benefit from its nutrients.

An introduction to macadamia nut oil

With so many beauty oils on the market, discover what makes macadamia oil unique.

Intriguing facts about macadamia oil

  • It has a very similar composition to our skin’s own sebum.
  • It has a long shelf life and can keep for up to two years.
  • It is very rich in Omega-9 fatty acids for skin that craves moisture.
  • The shell of the macadamia nut contains high levels of Vitamin E.

Where does macadamia oil come from?

The macadamia nut was discovered for the first time in 1857 in Australia on the macadamia tree. These trees are evergreen and can grow as tall as 12 metres. It may take around 10 years for a tree to start producing nuts for macadamia oil and they tend to live around 100 years. Even today, Australia remains the biggest producer of macadamia nut oil, closely followed by the American state of Hawaii – but it is available to buy all over the world.
To create this powerful beauty oil, ripened macadamia nuts are picked five to six times a day, before being dried and cured to reduce their moisture level. They are then pressed to create the rich and nutritious macadamia oil that has become a global skin care sensation.


4 cosmetic uses of macadamia nut oil

Macadamia oil for skin

As well as containing a number of nutrients that our skin craves, macadamia oil is also extremely moisturising. Furthermore, it helps to reduce inflammation and itchiness thanks to its powerful regenerating effect.

Macadamia oil for hair

With its high acid content, macadamia oil can be used on the hair to enhance its shine and strengthen each hair follicle to reduce hair loss. Plus the fatty acid content nourishes each hair shaft – no more dry and brittle locks!

Macadamia oil for shaving

As an anti-inflammatory with great lubricating properties, macadamia oil soothes and moisturises the skin as you shave, leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated and avoiding any post-shave redness.

Macadamia oil for lips

Chapped lips are no match for the rich formula of macadamia nut oil! Its rapid repairing power helps restore the lips to their natural smooth & healthy-looking condition.

Macadamia oil benefits for skin and hair care

This miraculous oil is the new beauty craze and will have your skin crying out for more!

Make your own sensual body oil with macadamia oil

For an undeniably hydrating moisturiser that your skin will love, mix macadamia oil with sweet almond oil and lavender oil – we guarantee you won’t be able to resist the scent or how smooth it makes your skin feel!

Treat the hair to a nourishing macadamia oil mask

For silky, hydrated hair try this simple conditioning treatment. Add two mashed avocados to one tablespoon of macadamia oil. Massage evenly into damp hair and leave for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse out and shampoo as usual for ultra-shiny locks.