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The ultimate team for all the grooming needs you require to Express Yourself is here: the  NIVEA MEN DEEP Range. Go for a deeper performance harnessing the power of Black Carbon and Micro-fine Clay, to thoroughly cleanse and powerfully protect you from bacteria with a long lasting woody masculine fragrance. Giving you the perfect assist to express and celebrate your uniqueness in everything you do. The DEEP range includes the DEEP Impact Body Lotion, Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Sprays & Roll-ons, Shower Gel, Shaving Foam, DEEP Comfort Aftershave Lotion and DEEP Face & Beard Wash that work together to cover every step of your grooming routine.

Body Lotion

Give your skin the pampering it deserves with NIVEA MEN DEEP Impact Body Lotion. Moisturizes your skin for up to 48h long with a woody and spicy scent. It’s enriched with Active Charcoal to give you a fresh skin feeling and confidence  to express yourself all day long.



Dance to the rhythm of a Beat vibe. Experience the beating freshness of new woody harmony offering a long-lasting fragrance with reliable antiperspirant protection. Keeps you dry all day long as you celebrate life.

Dark Wood

Express a Darkwood vibe as you aim for more with a deodorant that gives you more. Protect your skin from sweat and body odour for a long lasting dry skin feeling with a modern and masculine dark wood fragrance.


Feel an Espresso vibe with the magnetic, sensual scent of espresso ristretto and a touch of spicy dark chocolate. Powered by Black Carbon to give the classy gentleman in you a comfortable and dry experience all day long.


Become an Amazonian vibe with a vibrant and sparkling deodorant. Complemented by a freshness kick to unleash your spirit of adventure with 48h antiperspirant protection and a deep invigorating scent.


Refresh your skin with a deep clean shower experience using NIVEA MEN DEEP Shower Gel. Formulated with Micro-fine Clay to help cleanse and draw out impurities, leaving your skin feeling invigorated and extra clean. The black gel shifts into a white caring form that cleanses and preserves the moisture of your skin keeping it hydrated. Just what you need to feel good at the start or end of any day!



NIVEA MEN DEEP Shaving Foam gently prepares your skin for shaving with powerful protection and effective care for an optimal razor glide. The foam acts as a gliding shield on the skin, making your shave extra gentle and comfortable. As a result, your skin feels clean and comfortable after shaving.

Finish off with NIVEA MEN DEEP After Shave lotion supports the recovery from shaving irritations, leaving nothing but a clean and comfortable skin feeling. NIVEA MEN Deep Comfort After Shave Lotion protects your skin from drying out. The formula with anti-bacterial effect supports the recovery from shaving irritations, leaving nothing but a long-lasting clean feeling. Enabling you to express good vibes in how you look on the outside.


NIVEA MEN Deep Face & Beard Wash deeply cleanses your skin and beards from residue and oil, leaving a long-lasting clean and  refreshed feel. The innovative formula with Black carbon clears away impurities while removing all dirt and excess oils, so that the beard is clean and the skin feels fresh. Perfect for when you need to express yourself while enjoying a minimalist skincare routine.



Each NIVEA MAN expresses himself through his own unique style, vibe, and rhythm to his own beat. Introducing to you our four fun DEEP Expressions:

The Beat Expression:

You express yourself with music and live to celebrate life while dancing to your own beat. You are dynamic with a friendly and energetic vibe and find it easy and enjoyable to be with others.

The Darkwood Expression

A vibe that’s all about expressing yourself by going after what you want, breaking challenges and aiming higher because the sky's the limit. Feelings of elegance, charm and positivity are the highlight of any and every moment.

The Espresso Expression

Sophistication, confidence, savoring life and attracting with confidence is your mood. Your cool gentleman outfits and outlook on life are complemented by an occasional cup of coffee at the office.

The Amazonia Expression

By nature your unique energy is all about being spontaneous and living in the moment. You are most comfortable in the great outdoors, always traveling, seeking adventure and bravely exploring the unknown.

Let us know which Deep Expression you identify as part of your self expression by visiting this link to the NIVEA Men Facebook page.


Discover Your DEEP Expression?

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