NIVEA MEN Kenya's No.1* male grooming brand is proud to introduce a comprehensive range of products designed to provide the ultimate grooming experience for all men looking for an advanced skincare routine.
The products in the NIVEA MEN DEEP range cover the essentials of the male grooming routine. The DEEP range includes Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Sprays & Roll-ons, DEEP Impact Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Shaving Foam, DEEP Comfort Aftershave Lotion and DEEP Face & Beard Wash that work in tandem to tackle dirt and sweat from a demanding day while providing a deep, invigorating routine. This new range of products is specially formulated with black charcoal, a natural ingredient that works as an anti-germ and dirt magnet, drawing impurities from the skin and thoroughly cleanses for a lasting fresh feeling. The new NIVEA MEN DEEP range is now available at supermarkets and stores countrywide.


*Data Orbis data 2020 Val. & Vol.




Deodorants Range

NIVEA MEN DEEP Anti-perspirant protects the skin from sweat and germs for a long-lasting dryness and clean skin feel just like after a shower. The effective formula with Black Carbon acts powerfully against germs and is complemented by an invigorating modern and masculine scent. This helps to keep you feeling confident & fresh for 48-hr long.
Deep deodorants come in 3 masculine fragrances variants:

1. Dark Wood

Dark and Powerful: Attractive Woody
Unlock your all day sophistication with this modern and masculine dark wood fragrance.


2. Espresso

Magnetic and Sensual: Nothing Beats a Scent of Coffee
Discover this new tempting and addictive fragrance blending fresh top notes and espresso ristretto with a touch of spice and dark chocolate. Unleash your senses diving into this world of sweet seduction fused with precious lavender and mysterious woods.

3. Amazonia

Wild and Refreshing: The Scent of Free Spirit
Let this vibrant and sparkling masculine fragrance unveil your wild side through a green zing of citrus, fizzy ginger and aromatic notes. Feel the power of woods assuring you with a comfortable and dry experience all day long.



Body Lotion

NIVEA Men Deep Impact Body Lotion refreshes your skin with an intense, woody, and spicy scent, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. NIVEA Men Deep Impact Body Lotion provides intense 48-hour moisture. Go for it with NIVEA Men Deep Impact Body Lotion For Healthy Looking Skin!



Shower Gel

NIVEA Men Deep Shower Gel contains microfine fine clay which is known for its ability to absorb and bind impurities and body odors, as well as its deep cleansing efficacy.
The shower gel cleanses efficiently without drying out the skin. With its dark wood scent, it provides a clean feeling- exactly what you need after a long workout or a match on a muddy soccer pitch.





The NIVEA Men Deep Shaving Foam contains Black carbon that delivers the products' most impressive benefit. It helps to gently prepare the skin for shaving, enabling a superior razor glide for a clean shave experience.
This is rounded off by the NIVEA Men Deep Comfort after shave lotion with its antibacterial formula that supports the skin recovery from shaving irritations. Leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh without drying out and enriched with a masculine and modern dark wood scent.




NIVEA MEN DEEP Face & Beard Wash deeply cleanses your face and beard from residue and oil without drying out your skin. The innovative formula with Active Charcoal clears away impurities while removing all dirt and excess oils, so that your beard is clean and the face feels fresh.