We all have our favourite piece.

‘Cause it reminds us of a glorious moment, of brotherhood, or simply because it makes us feel undefeatable.' Time to give you and your favourite piece the best protection: New NIVEA MEN Black & White with five times DEO ACTION.

x5 Anti-Formula.


One deo, five times protection: NIVEA Men Black & White. Developed with textile experts from the Hohenstein Institute our deo range gives you reliable anti-perspirant performance. It blocks ODOUR with powerful fragrances. It stops SWEAT with 48H Anti-wetness efficacy. It protects against STAINS to maintain the original color of your clothes. It leaves no RESIDUES on skin and clothes and it prevents skin IRRITATIONS because its unique formula is optimized for everyday use. In short: It’s the perfect team player to keep you and your favourite piece perfectly protected - in every situation.