Hands Down: Sweaty Hands And Feet Are Not Cool


Hands Down: Sweaty Hands And Feet Are Not Cool

Our hands are a crucial part of our body, especially when we interact with other people. No wonder that having a constantly clammy touch is not considered pleasant by many. The same goes for sweaty feet, but luckily we don’t shake feet with others. Sweaty hands and feet are annoying and can be embarrassing. But before you worry about palmar or plantar hyperhidrosis (that’s what your doctor would call overly sweaty hands or feet), there are some easier measures to take.

Let’s Face It

As long as you’re not Aquaman or Pamela Anderson in “Baywatch”, most people will certainly not feel attracted by your wet hands or feet. But truth be told, sweaty hands and feet are more common than you might think. And there are plenty of reasons. The most obvious one is heat (surprise, surprise!). When it’s too hot or when you’re sick, sweating, no matter where, keeps you from overheating. That’s a cool thing! Having a poor diet might also cause you to perspire more than usual. Oh, and just ask someone from your HR department about how many sweaty handshakes they receive in a day, because excitement can really open up the floodgates, too. We all know that, don’t we?


Only if your hands or feet sweat a lot on a regular basis for no particular reason – you might be suffering from what is called palmar hyperhidrosis or plantar hyperhidrosis. That means excessive, uncontrollable sweating on either your hands or your feet. In this case you should see a doctor to get to the bottom of it and to get yourself some proper treatment. Because there are a few ways of treating it.

Dry Up Your Skin

If you have sweaty hands or sweaty feet simply because it’s too hot, because your date is too hot, because your boss just called or because you essentially only feed on meat, there are some things you can do yourself, though, to dry up your skin.


First of all, let your hands and feet breathe. You don’t have to walk in the snow barefoot or throw away your gloves in winter, but there’s no need to wear socks 24/7 or to put your hands in your pockets all day long. Even a cool breeze or just swinging your stretched-out arms back and forth might just do the trick.

Your diet also has a large effect on your body’s sweat production. As a rule of thumb: The more meat you eat, the more you sweat (and the worse your odors smell, by the way). So consider eating some greens, too. Your sweat glands, your BMI, your doctor and your girlfriend will thank you for it.

Use Your Deodorant

You can, of course, also rely on your antiperspirant. Seriously! Because sweat is sweat, no matter if it’s under your armpits, in the palms of your hands or on the soles of your feet. And if there is one thing your Nivea Men antiperspirant knows how to tackle, trust us, it’s sweat. So you might as well use it on your sweaty hands or feet too, right? But note: To make sure you don’t irritate your skin, you should only apply it to dry skin and you should not immediately wrap up or cover your hands or feet afterwards. Let them breathe, remember?


Another remedy to cure your overly sweaty hands or feet can be using a face wash. Yes, rumor has it, this works too. Use one for oily skin, such as Active Energy Fresh Look Face Wash Gel, apply it to your dry hands or feet, let the skin absorb it and then wash your hands or feet clean. Dry as the desert, at least for a while.

Oh, and 2-3 cups of sage tea a day plus an occasional sage bath both work wonders, too. But please don’t drink your footbath, okay. Just don’t.