Blemished Skin


The causes of blemished skin

Among the various skin types, blemished skin is particularly challenging. Especially if you have a genetic predisposition to this type of skin, you will be more prone to pimples and blackheads under unfavourable conditions, with the skin texture looking uneven and blotchy. Bacteria and an increased tendency for inflammation result in keratinised pores, which lead to inflamed blackheads and dreaded pimples! Climate and living conditions, a reduced oxygen supply and also a poor diet can play a role in skin becoming blemished. Whatever the case may be, it is important to start taking the needs of this skin type into consideration. With the right cleansing and care products from NIVEA you can control blemished skin and ensure beautiful, even skin.

Blemished skin not only affects young people

Acne is a well-known and recognised problem during puberty. But even adults can suffer from blemished skin, and women often struggle with pimples and blackheads. Hormonal fluctuations, for example during pregnancy or an irregular menstrual cycle, may be the cause. The relationships have not yet been researched in detail. Nevertheless, it is certain that a skin care routine that is formulated to meet the needs of this skin type significantly reduces inflammation of the skin and thus the appearance of pimples and blackheads. It is important that you cleanse your skin consistently and regularly and avoid irritants such as unsuitable creams or toners. Wherever possible, you should choose your daily make-up taking into consideration the needs of your skin. This is not only true for blemished skin, but also for sensitive skin.

Tips for blemished skin

You don’t have to put up with blemished skin! Remember these points and soon you too will be able to enjoy a beautiful skin. The following tips will help you take optimal care of your skin: Use hydrating fluids, gels and water-based creams. Serums are very good as additional anti-ageing care products. Eat a healthy diet, for example with valuable omega 3 fatty acids, lots of vegetables and green tea. Cutting out dairy products and simple carbohydrates from your diet may result in more beautiful skin. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Reduce stress as much as possible and establish a good work-life balance. The link between blemished skin and excessive stress has not been scientifically proven. Nevertheless, you can always do yourself and your skin a favour by incorporating relaxing periods into your busy everyday life, for example with a spa day, a yoga class, a relaxing bath or a trip to the countryside.