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What Skincare Type are You?

Different skin types need different care in order to be radiantly beautiful.

Tailor-made care

Choosing the right care for your skin type is your way to get soft and beautiful skin. Tailor your selection of skincare products to the individual needs of your skin type.
normal skin

Normal skin – gentle care keeps it in balance

Normal skin has a balanced moisture content. Even, daily care with a gentle cream or lotion is enough to keep this skin type smooth and healthy
dry skin

Dry skin needs lasting care

Dry skin has high care requirements. Its protective barriers are weakened very easily, allowing it to dry out and become chapped and raw. Rich creams and masks restore the protective lipid layer.

very dry

Very dry skin – protective care from NIVEA

Dry and very dry skin needs to be supplied with lipids and moisture so that it can restore its natural protective layer. Rich, intensive caring creams help it to do this.

Mature or sensitive skin types

Anti-ageing care products help to specifically maintain the elasticity of mature skin. Sensitive skin needs soft lotions to keep it in balance.
Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin – gentle care with a great effect

Sensitive skin needs to be nourished with extra care. Mild care stabilises the moisture content in sensitive skin and protects it from becoming irritated.
Mature Skin

Mature skin – care products from NIVEA ensure regeneration and elasticity

As we get older, our skin loses its firmness and elasticity. Choose the right care products, such as Q10 Firming Body Lotion, which has been enhanced with twice the quantity of Q10.